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 Institutional Reel

Manila Water Foundation's 15th Anniversary



Manila Water Foundation Reel


WASH in Pandemic

Manila Water Foundation WASH in Pandemic Video 




 Integrated WASH

Hybrid Handwashing Facility 

Kuya Jimboy

Integrated WASH 



Lingap - Linis Lusog Davao

Lingap - Linis Lusog Zamboanga​​​​​

Lingap - Linis Lusog Cebu

Lingap - Linis Lusog Antipolo

Lingap - Linis Lusog Taguig



Health In Our Hands


MWF Hand Hygiene for All


Handwashing Learning Video. Part 1

Handwashing Learning Video. Part 2

Handwashing Learning Video. Part 3

2019 World Toilet Day Highlights

2019 World Oral Health Day Highlights

2019 Global Handwashing Day Highlights 

2018 Global Handwashing Day Highlights

2017 Global Handwashing Day Highlights

2016 Global Handwashing Day Highlights 

2015 Global Handwashing Day Highlights

2014 Global Handwashing Day Highlights



MWF Prize for Engineering Excellence

MWF Prize for EE –
2019 Awarding 

MWF Prize for EE –
2019 Overview

MWF Prize for EE –
2019 Mechanics

MWF Prize for EE –
2017 Awarding Ceremony

MWF Prize for EE –
2015 Awarding Ceremony





Agapay with Ayala Foundation in Quezon Province


Manila Water Company and Manila Water Foundation's Donation Handover Day Video

Agapay para sa Rizal at Cagayan

Agapay para sa Quezon​​​​​ 

Agapay MOA Signing 2019 

Agapay Program Reel

Agapay Sanitasyon in Albay


Institutional Events

Agapay para sa Rizal at Cagayan 

Agapay para sa Quezon