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WASH Volunteerism


Manila Water Foundation  encourages volunteers to join its programs and activities.



  • A pool of Manila Water enterprise talents and external partners who selflessly share their time, skills and resources to the Foundation’s initiatives
  • Conceptualized in 2018 with two interest clubs: WASH Technical Volunteers and WASH Service Volunteers


As in any development organization, volunteers play an invaluable role in mobilizing the Foundation’s development programs by giving their time, skills, and resources to reach our partner communities. To gather volunteers, the Foundation taps internal talents from the Manila Water enterprise, and external employee-volunteers from partner organizations.

MWF Volunteers play a critical role in ensuring that the programs are delivered efficiently to communities. They help give needed assistance in times of disasters or calamities, support hygiene education for the youth on proper hygiene practices, give technical assistance in putting up WASH facilities, and even help conduct community activities for the Integrated WASH Program.

The Foundation’s Agapay program which delivers water relief, hygiene kits and sanitation interventions to families and entire communities affected by earthquakes, typhoons and residential fires is an opportunity where the WASH Volunteerism takes central stage. Internal and external volunteers help in the packing and distribution of relief in various places and sacrifice comfort in order to help others. One such opportunity was the Agapay Tubig response in Porac, Pampanga where MWF volunteers travelled to severely affected barangays where tens of thousands of residents were displaced due to a series of Luzon-wide earthquakes. Internal and external volunteers helped in the repacking of goods donated by Manila Water employees and MWF Partners and helped distribute these items, together with 5-gallon bottled water to families in affected areas.

On November 6, 2019, the Foundation held its first ever Volunteerism Day, where internal and external volunteers from Manila Water, Clark Water, Laguna Water, and Clark Development Corporation with select community members worked together to bring color to Manila Water Foundation's partner community in Sitio Monicayo, Mabalacat City, Pampanga through a painting and cleaning activity. Two community bulletin boards, 11 watering points, and the water facility fence were beautified to encourage the maintenance of these facilities. Signages that would easily identify the watering points were also placed as soon as the paints dried.

Laguna Water Sustainable Development Manager Eunice Cosico was one of the employee-volunteers during the Volunteerism Day. “It was physically tiring, but we can feel the joy of helping more. We hope that the newly painted watering points will help the community appreciate the facilities more since it is now more visually appealing,” she said.

She also encouraged her fellow employees to join other volunteer opportunities. “To those who want to volunteer, we hope you can join us next time. It is an enjoyable experience. We are happy to see that we were able to contribute in the community even in a simple way,” she added.

Clark Development Corporation (CDC) Community Relations Officer Agnes Matias shared her experience as an external volunteer. “We are proud to see the finished output from painting the watering points, which were done through the collaboration of the people who will use them,” she said in Filipino. Apart from the Volunteerism Day, she also mentioned that seeing the impact of the water facilities to the community was inspiring. “What struck me the most is the improvement of way of life in the community, particularly in terms of water service. Before, the community used to fetch water from far away, now, the watering points are more accessible,” she added.

Aside from its volunteer groups, talents of the Foundation rendered volunteer hours as they responded to the volunteerism calls of the enterprise during the first quarter of the year. The efforts were called to augment the crisis communication hub, to assist in customer recovery campaign and to participate in sustainability efforts.

Overall, 246 Manila Water enterprise talents and 243 employee-volunteers from partner organizations were registered and spent a combined sum of 1,955 volunteerism hours in 2019.


If you are an engineer, an architect, or a technical professional, you can join the TECHNICAL VOLUNTEERS CLUB.


If you are a student, a professional or a person who likes to spend time with local residents and wants to support our cause, you can be part of the SERVICE VOLUNTEERS CLUB.



Individuals and organizations who want to help bring WASH for All Communities through the Foundation offer their resources by signing up as volunteers to conduct various community work; spread the word about its programs and initiatives through their respective multi-media platforms; donate goods, services and other in-kind resources; sponsor to build WASH facilities; and engage with partner communities.


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Talents from Manila Water Foundation also responded to the volunteerism calls of the enterprise to support the crisis communication hub, to assist in the customer recovery campaign, and to participate in the enterprise’s various sustainability efforts.


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