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  • An infrastructure development program of stand-alone water supply or sanitation system in low-income communities

  • With two sub-programs: Ahon Tubig and Ahon Sanitasyon

According to the World Health Organization, seven million out of 105 million Filipinos rely on unsafe and unsustainable water sources. Meanwhile, 23% of Filipinos have no safe sanitation in the country.1 Manila Water Foundation’s Ahon Program strives to bridge this gap in the Philippines through subsidized piped-in water connections and stand-alone water facilities under Ahon Tubig, and through sanitation interventions such as toilets and used water facilities under Ahon Sanitasyon.


Ahon Tubig

Provision of clean and potable water to low-income communities inside their homes through water connection subsidies

Ahon Sanitasyon

Provision of sanitation interventions to low-income communities

*Tubig and Sanitasyon are Filipino words, when translated to English, mean “water” and “sanitation” respectively.


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