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WASH Story: MWF turns over Sitio Monicayo WASH Project to Community, partners

“Malaking tulong talaga ang pagkakaroon ng malinis na tubig dito sa aming komunidad. Hindi na kami mahihirapan, mas malapit na sa aming mga tahanan ang tubig. Magagamit namin ito sa araw-araw.” 

“Ito (palikuran) ay may dalang kaginhawahan, hindi na kami tatakbo sa kung saan saan para umihi o dumumi. Malaking tulong talaga ang pasilidad para sa aming pamilya" 

These are just some of the testimonials from the members of the Sitio Monicayo community as we conclude the Integrated WASH Program. 

Turnover at Sitio Monicayo Community

Turnover of the Integrated WASH Accomplishment Report with the community members of Sitio Monicayo

On January 29, Manila Water Foundation marked the official completion of the project in the community through the turnover of the Integrated WASH Program Accomplishment Report to the Mabalacat City Health Office, Clark Water Corporation, Clark Development Corporation, and the Lanêm Nên Aeta Monicayo, the group organized solely for the operations and maintenance of the WASH facilities in the community. 

Water Facility at Sitio Monicayo

WATER FOR SITIO MONICAYO: In 2016, Manila Water Foundation in partnership with Clark Development Corporation and Clark Water, built a stand-alone water facility in the area.

Amid the pandemic, the Water Group organized by MWF in Sitio Monicayo, Mabalacat City, Pampanga was able to deliver 38,725.29 m³ to the community in 2020, with P709,760 worth of water collections to be used for the sustainability of the water supply system

Sanitation Facility at Sitio Monicayo

SANITATION FOR SITIO MONICAYO: 45 toilet-less households now enjoy their toilet facility at the vicinity of their own homes.

For its sanitation phase, Sitio Monicayo’s Sanitation Group has also been organized, with 45 toilet-less households provided with a toilet facility between the end of the 2019 to early 2020. Behavioral change communication (BCC) materials i.e. WASH Jingle, “Bayang May Kalinga,” WASH Storybook, “May Tubig na Sina Tinay,” and WASH module, “Gabay sa Tubig, Sanitasyon at Palalusugan” were also turned over to the community.

Moving forward 
Turnover at Clark WaterTurnover at the Mabalacat City Health Office

Turnover of the Integrated WASH Report at Clark Water (top) and the Mabalacat City Health Office (bottom)

As MWF concludes the implementation of the Integrated WASH Program in the community, the operations and maintenance of the facilities continue. The community has been equipped through technical and capacity building activities that will ensure the sustainability of water supply and sanitation access in the area. 

Recent developments within the Water Group showed that the Group was able to already install additional individual meters and set up a small office to accommodate customer concerns and receive payments. Meanwhile, all sanitation facilities remain functional months after the turnover of the facilities. These WASH interventions also helped increased productivity and added economic values to the livelihood of the community. No more long hours of walking to the stream carrying heavy pails and water containers, no more running to the open grassy area and be exposed just to relieve one’s self. WASH took that away. The community lives healthily and with dignity. 

With Sitio Monicayo as the model community for WASH, MWF hopes to replicate its holistic and participatory approach to more communities in the country that need WASH systems the most and where there is great need. 

This story and its success are borne out of effective partnerships. Join us in creating positive change through WASH. Email