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Manila Water Foundation, Philippine Dental Association launch World Oral Health Day campaign online

Manila Water Foundation and Philippine Dental Health Association launched a video ad that calls for participants to make a pledge for oral health, and inspire others to do the same.


To celebrate World Oral Health Day this year, Manila Water Foundation, in partnership with the Philippine Dental Association, launched an online campaign that aims to raise awareness about proper oral hygiene and inspire others to make a pledge for their oral health.

Seven Steps to Proper Toothbrushing Poster

Proper toothbrushing is important for a healthy mouth and our overall wellbeing. A poster on proper toothbrushing was launched online with guidance from Philippine Dental Association.

7 Steps to Proper Toothbrushing

Oral Health Trivia

Netizens joined the celebration with the launching of the Learn and Win promo where participants can enjoy a series of trivia and quizzes.


 Brushing the right way is really important for a healthy mouth. Are you doing these tips already?

Trivia 2

Brushing with an old, frayed toothbrush won't properly clean your teeth. Are you replacing your toothbrush every three months?

Unite for Mouth Health

Under the theme Unite for Mouth Health, Manila Water Foundation and the Philippine Dental Association also launched an informercial and a Facebook profile frame to scale up the campaign.

FB frame

Facebook Profile Frame Design

The infomercial was shown in Ayala Cinemas, while a deconstructed version of it was also shown in major highways through the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) LED billboards. The video was inspired from the ad created by the FDI World Dental Health Federation.

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Click  World Oral Health Day 2020: Unite for Mouth Health

World Oral Health Day (WOHD) is the largest global celebration and awareness campaign on oral health celebrated every 20th of March. It is organized globally by the FDI World Dental Health Federation. Manila Water Foundation (MWF) celebrates WOHD to share knowledge on proper oral hygiene practices which contribute to having good health. Under MWF’s campaign, Health in Our Hands, the annual celebration encourages the public and target stakeholders to brush teeth properly, visit the dentist regularly and to eat food that are healthy.