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WASH Story: Road to proper sanitation for Sitio Monicayo begins

Manila Water Foundation's WASH community at Sitio Monicayo is ready for a new phase.

45 households have submitted their applications for toilet construction in preparation for the sanitation phase of the Integrated WASH Program.

On August 31, members of the community learned about the importance of sanitation and the adverse effects of open defecation and solid waste to health and safety. 

Manila Water Foundation WASH Team

To further explain the groundwater contamination, parts of the discussion included the groundwater process, and the importance of having a clean environment in sustaining their source of water. As with the initial roll-out, the session was divided into three parts. The first part set the tone of the session, where the Integrated WASH Program was introduced to the community as well as terms and definitions related to water. During this portion, the community learned about water- and sanitation-related terms such as groundwater, aquifer, used water, and septic tank.

The second part opened the discourse about the links between a clean environment through proper sanitation, and their access to clean water, where participants were asked to think about their habits and its impact to the environment. This is where the characteristics, causes, and impact of groundwater contamination are discussed.

Manila Water Foundation WASH Team

For the third part, an aquarium with a groundwater model was used to demonstrate the water process. To further reiterate the impact of open defecation to water access, a pitcher of water with fake fecal matter was exhibited to the community.

Manila Water Foundation WASH Team

"Nagkaroon kami ng kaalaman kung saan nanggagaling 'yung tubig ng iniigiban po namin--sa ilalim po ng lupa, katulad po ng nai-demo po nila kanina. Alam na po namin--'yung mga kemikal o mga dumi ng tao or dumi ng hayop--kung saan ito napupunta (We learned where the water from the facility comes from--from the ground, just like what they have demonstrated earlier. We now know that the chemicals, and human and animal waste go to)," Rosalyn, a resident of the Sitio said.

"[Mahalaga po] na gawin na 'yung mga dapat gawin tungkol sa tubig at kalinisan para po mapangalagaan 'yung tubig at manatili [itong] masarap inumin at malinis...para rin po sa kalusugan namin na mga taga-Monicayo (It is essential to do what we need to do about water and cleanliness in order to take care of and sustain our water's potability and cleanliness...for the well-being of the residents of Sitio Monicayo)," she added.

The activity was successfully held through the help of Clark Water talents who signed up to volunteer. While the adults of the households in Sitio Monicayo participated in the groundwater session, kids participated in a classroom activity facilitated by Clark Water talents. Through this activity, parents were able to focus on the session at hand. 

Manila Water Foundation WASH TeamManila Water Foundation WASH TeamManila Water Foundation WASH Team

Manila Water Foundation is happy to hear that this lovely community is eager to create a cleaner and healthier environment for each of its members through proper sanitation.