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Manila Water Talents Give Love to MWF

Manila Water Foundation (MWF) visited the Head Office, Business Areas, and subsidiaries throughout the months of August and September to introduce its new direction focusing on Water Access, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) and invite talents to donate and volunteer.

Through the support of Manila Water talents across different business units, Manila Water Foundation gathered PhP 215,905 worth of donations and 185 volunteers during the L.O.V.E. MWF: Roadshow for the Heart of the Enterprise.

“We consider MWF as the heart of the enterprise,” said MWF Executive Director Reginald Andal. “As such, we would like to engage and collaborate with our Manila Water talents to be happily involved in our projects that are more sustainable for our partners and beneficiaries,” he added.

The roadshow was an initiative in response to the results of the MWF-initiated Pulso ng Puso survey, where it was found that 93% of Manila Water enterprise talents are ready and willing to participate in MWF activities.

Arvee Joy Galman, Customer and Stakeholder Manager from Marikina Business Area, shared her takeaway from the activity. “It was a totally different view from the usual foundations that we know—relief goods, feeding programs, and the likes. The Foundation’s programs are very aligned to [the company’s] area of expertise, which is water and sanitation. The current programs are all promising,” said Galman. “Knowing that they were reaching to the marginalized communities, we are very sure that the impact on the community [and] on the lives of each beneficiary is immeasurable,” she added.

Among the 185 volunteers, 17 of them were Clark Water talents, who recently participated in the household surveys at Sitio Monicayo in Mabalacat, Pampanga. MWF is currently working on a sanitation project that requires baseline data about the community under its core advocacy of water access, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH).

Paolo Dioquino, Territory Manager from Clark Water, expressed how his point of view changed after the experience. “I enjoyed the interview with our fellow natives,” said Dioquino. “Traveling and immersing with them, even for a while, made me realize how lucky I am to wake up with having everything I need to start the day. The experience [inspired me] to do my best as I am blessed to have finished my education and to land on a well-respected company.” 

MWF looks forward to gaining stronger support from Manila Water talents on its upcoming activities and events.