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November 2018

Schools in Calasiao, Malolos Get Washed

Three hundred sixty-three pupils from Ambuetel Elementary School can now have access to clean and potable water and practice better handwashing habits through the construction of a drinking fountain and a handwashing facility. This initiative is in partnership with Calasiao Water Company and Calasiao Water District with cash donations from a BPO entity, Microsourcing Philippines.

Health In Our Hands Celebrates Global Handwashing Day, World Toilet Day

GHD is an international campaign that aims to raise awareness and understanding on the importance of handwashing with clean water and soap as a cost-effective way to prevent communicable diseases. With the theme “Clean Hands—A Recipe for Health,” this year’s GHD focuses on the links between handwashing and nutrition. To further the advocacy, MWF partnered with nutrition institutions, namely the National Nutrition Council (NNC), Nutrition Center of the Philippines (NCP), and Philippine Association of Nutrition (PAN).