Water Supply

From the inaugural program, Tubig Para Sa Barangay, which aims to provide low-income communities direct and piped access to clean and potable water inside their homes, several more programs under this focus area have been launched.

For communities in areas whose physical and geographic conditions do not allow pipelaying, Ahon Pinoy serves as the program to address water supply needs. A low-cost and easy to maintain water treatment facility, which is managed by a local partner, makes it possible for the communities to have water and additional income at the same time.

The Lingap program, on the other hand, assures the public that clean water is accessible to them even outside their homes. Said program rehabilitates water pipes, provides drinking fountains, and builds sinks for people to wash their hands in different public institutions such as schools, hospitals or health centers, police stations, public markets, orphanages, and city jails.

Agapay Para Sa Barangay is meant to address the need for potable water during displacement brought about by natural disasters and calamities. Technical assistance for the planning and design of water and sanitation systems in critical establishments during disasters and calamities is also a part of this program’s mandates.



A sanitation system for low-income communities has been recently piloted as part of the Foundation’s scale up.

Water Education

Through the Global Hand washing Day, a worldwide campaign celebrated worldwide as a way to raise awareness on the importance of hand washing to prevent diseases, the Foundation has reached the public, primarily students, and rallied them into advocating proper hand washing and hygiene through a series of events in schools and commercial establishments all over the Philippines.

Moreover, the Foundation has produced a number of IEC materials and participated in various events and activities to ensure that more individuals, families, and communities are equipped with the right knowledge on hand washing and hygiene.


Community Assistance and Livelihood (KPSB)

Community-based cooperatives have been assisted and capacitated in operating financially viable businesses through the Kabuhayan Para Sa Barangay program. A non-interest loan amounting to P100, 000 is granted to a cooperative to pursue more livelihood opportunities in parallel with capacity building assistance and training.